Our Team

Eddie Castillo
Senior Pastor

He was born in 1956 in Las Villas, Cuba. He received Christ in December 1987 and from that moment his life took a 180-degree transformation. After an experience of more than ten years in the ways of the Lord, studying and serving others, Pastor Eddie along with his wife Marcia founded EMC Ministries Inc. giving birth a vision put in their hearts by the Lord to Pastor and in 2003 established “ESYF Church”. Its mission is to teach the word of God without adulterating it, reaching the lost, restoring families and preparing leaders to bless others.

In 2004 he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in biblical studies at the Christian University of Logos, in Jacksonville, Florida. Today, parallel to the grazing of their church, runs The Biblical School “The Master’s Voice” dedicated to the teaching of the word of God, training people for the service of the Ministry.

Father of four children, husband and pastor, God has put a fire in his heart by the restoration of the people away from the ways of the Lord, bringing word of healing for their lives.

Marcia Castillo
Executive Pastor

Born in Cuba and raised in the United States. In 1997 she finished her theological studies at Logos Christian College, in Jacksonville, Florida, obtaining a masters degree in church administration and finance. In 2002 she was ordained as a minister by Logos Christian College.

Wife and mother of four children. In 2003, along with her husband Pastor Eddie Castillo, felt strongly the call of God and founded EMC Minisitires Inc., a ministry of international coverage that focuses on the expansion of the good news of salvation to all creation and the restoration of the lost, the rejected, the oppressed, the injured, and the weak of spirit.

Also founder and leader of the ministry Woman of Vision Int’l, through which she has brought the message of hope and changed the lives of many women who have been abused, injured and mistreated. She is a tireless preacher of the word of God, under the mighty anointing of the Holy Spirit and is used in the power of God for these end times.

Currently a pastor, along with her husband, at ESYF Church, Florida, making a difference within the community to establish the kingdom of Heaven on earth.